2009 Awards




Prestige Professional




Winner: Col Edwards “Sunburst”




Highly Commended: Merridee Cram “Midnight Dreaming”




Haute Joaillerie

Winner: Margot McKinney “By the Sea”


Highly Commended: Rob Evans “Öpal Salvador”






Winner: Joe Coffey “The Opal Hairpin”


 Highly Commended: Fin Mahon “Bounty”



 Non Professional


Winner: Mytyl Negi-Davis-Gibson “Madam Butterfly”


Highly Commended: Kayt Primmer “Meduse in Tensione”




Carving Professional Figurative


Winner: Christine Roussel Öpera House”


Highly Commended: Christine Roussel “Bleeding Heart”




Carving Professional Abstract


Winner: Christine Roussel “She Sells Sea Shells”


Highly Commended “Red Nulla Nulla”




Carving Non Professional Abstract


Winner: Sue Tomlinson “Stingray”


Highly Commended: Michael Mitchell “Nature’s Gift”




Carving Non Professional Figurative


Winner: Joe Belicka “Friendship”


Highly Commended: Joe Belicka “Mother of Pearl”




Objet D’Art Professional


Winner: Ewan Ryley “Honey of the New World”


Highly Commended: Jim Runkle “Playing Around” 




Objet D’Art Non Professional


Winner: Fernanda de Boer “Seachange”


Highly Commended: Elizabeth Magnusson “Malika”






Winner: Ian Bell “Potch Princess”


Highly Commended: Stephen and Mary Aracic “Koala in a Gum Tree”




Jewellery Hand Sketches


Winner: Louise Gore Langton “Fruits of the Earth”


Highly Commended: Louise Gore Langton “Post Beach Treasures”




People’s Choice


Gwennie Tam “The Squirting Whale”