2011 Awards

Prestige Professional

Winner: Merridee Cram “Äustralia Dawn”

Highly Commended: Susan Blenserhassett “The Lolly Shop”; Amy Smith “Aurora”

Haute Joaillarie

Winner: Gwennie Tam “Mystic Ice”

Highly Commended: Victor Toth “Flights of Fantasy”; Ok Jin Jang “My Way”


Winner: David Marshall “Ghost of the Ridge”

Non Professional

Winner: Maddison Blennerhassett “Tapestry”

Highly Commended: Reg Procter “Cool Opal”; Jo Doherty “Sea Creature”

Carving Professional Figurative

Winner: Daniela LÁbbate “Chicken Itza”

 Highly Commended: Joe Belicka “Öpal Spectacle”; Joe Belicka “Black Opal Magic”

Carving Professional Abstract

Winner: Daniela LÁbbate “Sergy’s Dream”

Highly Commended: Daniela LÁbbate “The Butterfly”

Carving Non Professional Abstract

Winner: Katarina Zimmer “Chinaman’s Hat”

Highly Commended: Cameron Delahunty “Fictional Head”

Carving Non Professional Figurative

Winner: Kristen McKenna “Äncient Ocean Collection”

Christine Roussel Award

Winner: Daniela LÁbbate “Sergy’s Dream”

Highly Commended: Daniela LÁbbate “The Butterfly”; Merridee Cram “Äustralia Dawn”; Katarina Zimmer “Chinaman;s Hat”; Cameron Delahunty “Fictional Head” 

Objet D’Art Professional

Winner: Jurgen Thomas “Rising Sun”

Highly Commended: Lada Vosejpkova “Ëternal Question of Life – The Echo of Hamlet”; Lada Vosejpkova “Miracles Come When You Do Not Expect It”.

Objet D’Art Non Professional

Winner: Daniela LÁbbate “Kimino Lady”

Alf White Incentive Award

Winner: Maddison Blennerhassett “Tapestry”

Fantasy Jewellery

Winner: Ian McArthur “Touch”

Highly Commended: Kayt Primmer “Eluk Lucis Draco”; OK Jin Jang “Freedom”

Hand Sketches

Winner: Christopher Ditsas “Spark of Creation”

Highly Commended: Mei-Chi Chuang; Maont Soho “Ïrises by Van Gogh”; Wang Shiang Mu “King of Opal”; Li Chen Auk “Sydney Opera House’s Elegant Water Shadow”; Chen Ying Wren.   

People’s Choice

Joint Winners: Merridee Cram “Äustralia Dawn” and Gwennie Tam “Mystic Ice”