2013 Awards

Nine to Five Awards

Winner: Ian McArthur “Wait a Minute. It’s Coming to Me”.

Highly Commended: Carol S Weidman “Strawberry Arrow”; Sally Patel “Ram”.


Prestige Professional Awards

 Winner: Karin Tremonti “Karin’s Unique Reversable Choker”.

Highly Commended: Merridee Cram “Horizon”; Gwennie Tam “Quantum Leap”; Jim Runkle “Än Opal For Every Day”.


Professional Abstract Carving Awards

Winner: Michael Burgess “Ärrowhead Mobius”.

Highly Commended: Daniela LÁbbate “”Atahualpas”; Daniela LÁbbate “Blue Myocardium”.


Professional Figurative Carving Awards

Winner: Daniela LÁbbate “Öctopus”

Highly Commended: Daniela LÁbbate “Chiocciocima”; Sandra de Jong “Dancer”.


Non-Professional Abstract Carving Awards

 Winner: Franka Friedrichs “Shades of Purple”

Highly Commended: Roberto Mannella “Free Spirit”; Charlie Jones “Sea Change”.


Non-Professional Figurative Carving Awards

 Winner: Christina Kluxen “Moby Dick”.


Alf White Non-Professional Incentive Award

Winner: Kayt Primmer “Heart of the Lost Sea”

Jewellery Hand Sketches Awards

Winner: Chen I-Ting “Southern Cross”

Highly Commended: Sirirat Tanthiptham “Ïconic”; Petra Boehler “Private Collection”; Joanne Mei-Chang “Sparkling Fireworks in Soar Sky”; Chang, Yung Ning “Äzure Blue”; Christina Wong “Äfter the Rain”; Yin, Ting “Great Ocean Road”; Yin, Ting “Great Barrier Reef”; Kao, Yi-Hsin “Peacock”; Chang Po-Hung “Surf”; Wang, Yuan-Fen “Palette of the Nature”; Lin, Yueh-Wen “The Collector”.


Fantasy Jewellery Awards

Winner: Ok Jin Jang “Blue Ocean”

Highly Commended: Helen Mok “Treasurers in Nature”; Wayne Sedawie “The Mask”


People’s Choice Award

 Winner: Stuart Marchant “Red Valley”


Christine Roussell Award

Winner: Kayt Primmer “Heart of the Lost Sea”