2015 International Opal Jewellery Design Association Awards

Prestige Professional Awards

Winner: Merridee Cram “Ëclipse”.

Highly Commended: Tony & Kathy Simon “Dream Dancer”; Stuart Marchant “Swan Earrings”; Opal Cave Ëvening Love Song”.


 Designer Wear for Males

Winner: Dale Price and Tanja Burk “Precious Time”.

Highly Commended: OK Jin Jang “Gentlemen”; Matti Amala “Two of a Kind”; Matti Amala “Riveted”.


 Carving – Professional Abstract Awards

Winner: Daniela LÁbate: “Green Twister”.

Highly Commended: Daniela LÁbate: “Skultura”; Justine Buckley “Gloriamaris”.


Carving – Professional Figurative Awards

Winner: Daniela LÁbbate “The Bat”.

Highly Commended:  Orietta LÁbbate “The Green Man”; Justine Buckley Ëagle Rock”.

Carving – Non-Professional Abstract Awards

Winner: Andrew Kemeny “The Septarian Sculpture”.

Highly Commended: Andrew Kemeny “Reveal”; Franka Friederichs “Drought Breaker”.


Carving – Non-Professional Figurative Awards

Winner: Andrew Kemeny “ËMS”.

Highly Commended: Ian Bell “Öpal Fever – Mulga Madness”; Katarina Zimmer “Potch Butterfly”.


Fantasy Awards

Winner: Phil Mason “Renaissance Glass for Firewater”.

Highly Commended: Tony and Kathy Simon “Little Octopus”; Tony and Kathy Simon “Dolphin Bliss”; Paul Sedawie “River Boat”.


Jewellery Hand Sketches Awards

Winner: Chang Ju-Hui “Dream Catcher”.

Highly Commended: “Giverny Monet’s Garden Water Lillies”; “Magic”; “Lively Stars”; “Lifting Spirits”; “The Rainbow Serpent”; “Öld Soul”; Ä Colourful Day at Sydney Harbour”; “Spirited Horse”; “Quiet Time”; “Silent Ocean”.


Alf White Non-Professional Award

Skye Bragg “The Beauty of an Inland Sea”.


Christine Roussell Incentive Awards

Winner: Daniela L’Abbate “The Bat”.

Highly Commended: Andrew Kemeny “The Septarian Sculpture”; Andrew Kemeny “ËMS”; Daniela LÁbbate “Green Twister”.


Peoples Choice Award

Vick Nackashian “Opal Princess”.